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Hello all,

This is my first post here but I figured I'm obligated to give thanks to Skahld and the forums as a whole for the solutions provided. My Cruise-Control also stopped working and I was really worried that I'd face expensive repairs. The night after my cruise stopped working my Remote-Start stopped working as well. I stumbled across this forum and had been scouring it for hours reading lots of helpful advice.

I tried disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery for about 60 seconds and reconnecting but it did not appear to fix the problem. I drove to the Pontiac dealership and the mechanic there said it'd cost over $100 just to have someone look at it and probably much more to work on the internal computer.

After that disappointment I figured I'd try to unhook the negative terminal from the battery for a little longer (45 Minutes) and after doing so my car worked again! My cruise-control functioned and my remote-start worked!

If you are having the same issue make sure you leave the battery unplugged for a minimum of 15 minutes. Just figured I'd share in-case anyone has the same issue and thought the battery solution didn't work.

Thank you everyone!
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