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2009 G6 4 door 3.5L
Installed basic audio system immediately after purchasing.

Reciever: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X995 <3
HD radio, Blu tooth media streaming, direct IPOD control, high voltage RCA, steering wheel controls, 5 band EQ, distance to ear phase shifting, built in xovers on each RCA set​

Speakers: Infinity Kappa 60.9cs & Infinity Kappa 693.9i
2 ohm, ~100W RMS, very crisp, tweeters mounted in front door panels via hole saw for door handle​

Subwoofer: Alpine Type X 12"
This has been in a variety of boxes, sealed, ported ect. none of them have been big enough.​

Amplifiers Round 1: Kenwood Excelon x1200m and x600f
Loved these amps. My friend fried the mono because he didn't do a good job connecting the ring terminal to the 4 gauge ground :mad:

Amplifiers Round 2: Kenwood Excelon x600f and Hifonics Brutus BRZ2400.1D
I bought this amp with the intention of using its potential someday.​

For the first time, I'll have the type x getting the air it needs and a port big enough to make it shine. Then when the 2nd type x arrives next week I'll finally be running at 1ohm and using a good amount of current.

For those of you interested...
74,000 miles. I don't always have the radio on/loud, but often. Stock alternator. Stock battery. Yes I know I should have fixed both those issues on day one. I'm surprised they've lasted this long. 0 gauge throughout system.

Also I've attached a google sketchup of the box I'm building. Minor things will change, maybe the exact location of the subs. Tuned [email protected]~2.1ish ft^3 each chamber...depending on bracing ect. Rear seat is already removed so I could measure what the largest box I could create was. If anyone found a way to get a bigger box, indulge me.
Pics? be back tomorrow, mebe later.

I have no idea if that link will work. Ports face rear of car, Subs fire up.
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