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Custom fiberglass box

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I started making a box earlier this week then decided to make a thread about it today. I only have one picture, but ill get more up.

I just got my 8" kicker today so i plan on mounting the ring tomorrow.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Got the ring mounted and the felt on.

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where is going

My guess, based on pictures, is in between the 2 backseat passengers on the rear seat.
Its gonna sit on the hump right behind the center console and on part of the seat. in the first picture the center console is to the right and the back seat is to the left
I'm going to get some stock in hearing aides! :D
Heres a picture of it in place

Got the rest of the fiberglass down today. Should be finished tomorrow!
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looks good? do you know what the internal dimensions are?
not exactly, but somewhere between .3 and .4 cf
its an 8" kicker solo classic. ideal sealed box is .33 cf
hmm. well i guess it will be perfect then
it sounds great. perfect amount of bass that i was looking for
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