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dashcam recommendations

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I'm thinking of getting a dashcam for my 2008 G6 convertible. Looking for high res, night vision, don't need gps. Are there any problems using certain models in a G6? Any experiences or recommendations welcome.
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I unfortunately don't know about specific dash cams. Personally I use my old android phone on a suction cup mount to do the job. It works but it doesn't have nighvision. Uses 720p though. It was just a cheap and easy solution for me.
I know there are TONS out there, research pays off.
thats what im doing with my old Iphone. I was able to download a dashcam app.
any cheaper ones then go pro for side mount recorders
Depends on you budget.
If you have nice budget than i recommend you to go with > BlackVue Wi-Fi DR750GW or THINKWARE X500D.
If you are looking for dash cams under 200$ then you should go with Nextbase 512GW or Z-Edge Z3 dash cam.
Personally, i'm using Z-Edge Z3 dash cam which is very cool and cheap dash cam
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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