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I own a 2006 G6 GT sedan. I bought it last July from the dealership that my father works for. It had been traded in and had 150k when I bought it for 5000. It seemed to be well maintained, and aside from a few minor dents, and a crack in the windshield, which was replaced by the dealer, ran well and was in good condition. I have loved the car from day one, and it has served me well through my first year driving, clocking in another 20 k. And the whole time I lurked in these forums gathering answers to my many questions. Hopefully you guys can help me again.

You see, about a month ago my engine started making a faint ticking noise that was audible in the higher rpm range. I thought I traced the noise to my tensioner pulley, that seemed to vibrate with the noise. However in the following weeks, it increased in volume, and became noticeable even when idling. I changed my oil and hoped for the best. (stupid I know) A few days ago it reached a tipping point began to make a metallic noise thay I knew could only mean serious engine damage. I took it home and arranged to have it serviced at the dealer ship. I decided a few miles to the shop wouldn't kill the car, so I opted to skip the towing fee.

Bad idea.
Ten minutes down the road the engine began to lurch and groan, then shut off completely. My brakes lost almost all functionality, and I was forced to use my handbrake to stop myself on an uphill. Long story short I had her towed to the shop, where after a day of diagnosis, I was told the engine was completely fried. Now she waits in the lot at the dealer while I decide my next move.
I have almost no money to put into it at the moment but I know I'm due for a big expense. I am not sure what a new engine would cost me, even if I can get a trusted mechanic to install for cheap. I would like to keep her if I can, even if it means replacing the trans too. But if it is more practical to look for a cheap replacement car, I might have to. I just don't want to find myself in this situation again a year from now

Any suggestions guys? Because I'm kind of lost =\
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