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Hey all.

I've been having an issue in my 08 G6 convertible that has ended up with it having to be towed twice now. I'll be driving with no issues and then I will hear a few dings and all of my gauges go dead. The mileage meter reads error, my DIC has rotating messages of low fuel, service esc, etc. And every warning indicator shows up on the dash, abs, security, etc. The transmission goes into limp mode, where it slams itself into each gear. Twice I've taken it home during this and then once it's turned off, it won't restart, the ignition is completely dead.

My mechanic the first time just reset the check engine codes and it worked, for about 5 miles. He then had it for over a week and figured out that there was a service bulletin about the Onstar issue creating this problem. He cleaned the connector to the VCIM module and gave it back to me. It worked for 3 days this time. Then we had 6 inches of snow, drove it yesterday and about 10 miles in it did the same thing. So now it has to be towed again. I think I'm going to go to the dealership this time, because my mechanic admitted to not having a lot of knowledge about the computers of the Pontiac. Is it possible the entire connector is bad? I'm already 500 bucks into this, and have been without my primary vehicle for three weeks now. The frustration is getting pretty high at this point.

Any ideas? Thanks gang!
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