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my husband and I just bought an 09 G6. when we made the deal, we requested that the dealer custom install keyless door entry. he agreed, but instead of putting it in the contract, gave me a receipt deal promising to install it. this was last weekend. i should note the dealer didn't really like me much, after we made the deal he got really unprofessional and made some demeaning remarks. anyway, so today, he calls and says that keyless entry cannot be custom installed on the pontiac G6 09. he says instead he's going to give us a check for $120. so i want to know is he just being passive aggressive and messing with us or is this actually true? i can't believe it would be impossible to install keyless entry here! i bought the car because he made this deal with me. i don't want the money, i want the keyless entry. is there anyway i can have this done now?

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in a 2009 the factory alarm is already there.
He just needs to turn it on and program a couple of remotes for you.

Content Theft-Deterrent

Your vehicle may have a content theft-deterrent alarm system.

Arming the System
With the ignition off, press the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter lock button to arm the system.

The system will arm 30 seconds after all the doors are closed, or 60 seconds with any door open.

If you press the lock button on the transmitter a second time while all the doors are closed, the system will arm immediately. The system will still arm in 60 seconds if a door is open. When the open door is closed, the system will arm.

The security light, located on the instrument panel cluster, comes on to indicate that arming has been initiated. Once the system is armed, the security light flashes once every three seconds.

If the security light is flashing twice per second, this means that a door is open.

If the system is armed and the key is used to unlock the vehicle, the alarm will be activated.

If you do not want to arm the content theft system, lock the vehicle with the manual lock knob on the doors or with the inside power door lock switches.

The alarm will sound and the exterior lights will flash if any door is opened while armed.

Disarming the System
To disarm the system, do one of the following:

• Press the RKE transmitter unlock button.

• Turn the ignition to ON/RUN.

Once the system is disarmed, the security light will stop flashing.

How the System Alarm is Activated
To activate the system if it is armed:

• Open the driver's door or trunk. A ten second pre-alarm chirp will sound followed by a thirty second full alarm of horn and lights.

• Open any other door. A full alarm of horn and lights will immediately sound for thirty seconds.

• Open the hood. If the vehicle has the remote start feature, it will activate the full alarm.

When an alarm event has finished, the system will re-arm itself automatically.

How to Turn Off the System Alarm
To turn off the system alarm:

• Press the lock button on the RKE transmitter. The system will then re-arm itself.

• Press the unlock button on the RKE transmitter. This will also disarm the system.

• Insert the key in the ignition and turn it on. This will also disarm the system.

How to Detect a Tamper Condition
If three chirps are heard when the unlock or lock button is pressed on the RKE transmitter, it means that the content theft security system alarm was previously triggered.
Check your PM....

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Wow, it sounds like you were treated poorly by the dealership or was it a particular Sales person? I assume you received a " We owe You Receipt". If the receipt clearly indicates that the Dealership owes you Keyless Entry, you should ask the Salesperson to follow through with the commitment that was made. Say no to his offer of a check and if the Dealership refuses, first ask to talk to a member of Management to attempt to get the problem resolved. If this is unsuccessful,tell them you are going to contact the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center, you can do this by calling 1-800-762-2737. You should document the who,what, when, of your attempts to resolve this at the Dealership, you may need this information later. I find it astonishing that in this day and age that any Dealership would do anything to alienate a new customer. Good Luck.
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