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Devine's 2008 G6 *Under Construction*

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So here are some pics of the 6, still working on some stuff, my to do list is in my sig...

Passenger side vinyl tape over the chrome, thanks to Dan for the idea and advice

Also notice the 5% rear tint

Driver side

5% rear tint

Painted battery cover

Painted engine cover

Trunk arrow overlay

Gray Carbon Fiber

Steering wheel arrow overlay

Gray Carbon Fiber

Front arrow overlay

Gray Carbon Fiber

Chrome door lays

5% Eyebrow tint

Rain guards and rear tint
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Pioneer AVH-5100 Head Unit

Also have 4 Memphis Audio PR Speakers

LED lights under dash and seats

Engine bay *Updated*


Front Tint 15%
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looks good man. hey what paint r u useing for under hood covers? i want to paint mine but im afraid of bubbleing and peeling. also how do those memphis speakers sound too??
thanks man.
the paint is by a company called rust-oleum, i got it for like $6 a can.

And i love the speakers, great sound quality and the 6x9s in the rear deck give a nice bump, that is until i get my subwoofers.
Nice looks great! Im really liking those arrow overlays. Headunit looks good to.

I still need to paint my engine cover. Nice job so far:cheers:
yeah i should be able to finish up the engine cover tomorrow, adding some white to it then maybe a clear coat if it needs it. then ill let it sit and when i get back from germany they will go back in the car and ill take a picture when thats all done
thanks man

Update: added the picture of my under dash LEDs
fly eyes tint is on! also put my engine and battery covers, let me know what you think.
just ordered my CRABs, hopefully they come in so i can install them on the weekend :)
updated with pics of the CRABs intake
Looking good, did you paint your dip stick handle too?
Looking good, did you paint your dip stick handle too?
yup the dipstick is painted red as well
Looks sweet.....
what color led's did you use?
yeah i was only in Germany for a week, school trip.

And the LEDs are actually multicolor, the green you could see the best on camera so i changed them to green for the shot, i usually leave them red or beat with the music.
HID 6k Low Beams

2 12" Subs - Kenwood
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I just bought those same kenwood speakers this weekend... I was just wondering Did you have a hard time finding a box that fit your trunk? I had a banpass(I think thats what its called) box that I had customized but the new speakers didn't fit in it so I had to go back to my original box which is a mustang box but I hate this box.. But I really like yours it looks like it fits well in your car
yeah the box fits real well, perfect height and width, it can slide all the way to the back seat but my amp gets in the way then. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_777BB1222S/Sound-Ordnance-Bass-Bunker.html?tp=127 thats where i got it, $80 is not bad at all. let me know if there is something you want to see with a better angle, ill take more pictures then.
devine where did you get the rain guards and were they hard to install also were the leds hard to install? And where did you get the arrow head layovers?

Im gettting my car this weekend and want to make it look nice by the time school comes around.

Im in jersey too by the way where you from?
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