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Good Day, I'm new to the G6 Owners Club and a fairly new owner of a 2005 G6 GT.

I got a question related to the Driver Information Center (DIC), with reference to the estimated fuel economy display. This question is more or less directed to the G6 owners in Canada.

The DIC is capable of displaying the average fuel economy in either:

1) Metric - Litres/100Kms; or

2) English - MPG

It appears that the DIC has been programed to calculate MPG using the American gallon (where 1 gallon = 3.785 Litres) instead of using the Imperial Gallon (where 1 gallon = 4.545 Litres). The reason I say this is;

I observed the display reading of 10.0 Litres/100Kms in the metric mode. When I changed it over to the English mode it displayed 23.5 MPG. 10.0/Litres/100Kms converts to 28.2 MPG when using the Imperial Gallon.

Have any of you Canadian members observed the same? Or am I unique? If so, is there a simple fix like a software change, E-prom, etc?

I've emailed GM Canada twice over the last few weeks, with no reply.

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Actually liter is same, what is different is the gallon. There are plenty of web sites that cover explanation of differences. I thought http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/encyclopedia/I/Im/Imperial_unit.htm did a nice job.

From reading that site

It looks like British units system originally had defined 2 different types of gallon a "wine gallon" and "ale gallon". The North American colonies used English wine gallon as their standard for a gallon. However British later changed to the Imperial Gallon but that was after American Revolution so the U.S. didn't change as well (LOL).

But I thought Canada used Metric system. Does this mean that gasoline is still sold in Imperial gallons in some places?

There is no software update available to change this but I would be interested if anyone has seen a vehicle which does calcluations of fuel economy in both U.S. and Imperial Gallons
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