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For starters, yes I am aware that there are a handful of other threads mentioning this, but they are either abandoned of contain a solution that does not seem to apply to my situation.

2008 G6 GT 3.5L

Radiator fans will turn on during normal operation. Additionally, the A/C will also not turn on (A/C clutch will not engage, possibly a separate problem, but it means I cannot force the fans on via activating the A/C).

Fans spring to life like their brand-new when jumped to battery.
No blown fuses.
Relays tested good with volt meter.
Fuse block seems to have proper power-distribution when tested with volt-meter.
Grounds seem to be tight and free of corrosion.
No codes.
No other obvious issues with any other operations.
Coolant system seems to be full.
New coolant sensor, tested with volt meter.
Fans run continuously when coolant sensor is disconnected (although I just realized that I haven't tested the A/C with the coolant sensor unplugged).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? We love the car but this problem is keeping it off the road. I haven't brought it to a mechanic yet because I don't want to get murdered on endless hours of diagnostic fees, and I haven't found a clear solution or diagnosis anywhere on the internet. Please help!
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