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Hello Everyone,

I have recently joined this community and have gotten a lot of help and been trying to help out in return as often as I can. I was wondering if any of you were at all interested or opposed to the idea of me making a G6 discord server. i'm sure some people won't have any intentions what-so-ever of joining or supporting the idea, but it hit me that, while I can give advice here on the forum to someone's post, if they go about making the repair or modification and have any issues, there's no really easy way to get a hold of someone on here. at best the site sends an email.., and I don't think I'm alone in saying that I neglect to check them often. However I am constantly on Discord anyway. So, I was considering making a public Discord for the community to hop into to facilitate more direct community interaction and engagement. After thinking of this idea, I realized that there were other things I'd like to make it capable of doing and including, such as the old ROTM (Ride of the month) forum topic and and the G6 of the month would be recognized and used as the server icon for a month. The server would include the following things.

  • Problem Solver's Channel: This would be a channel where members can ask for help on things that need quick replies, allowing them to get an answer faster than a forum post can deliver.
  • Gallery/Showcase: Another place, much like the current showcase, to show off our cars.
  • ROTM Voting: This would be a channel to upload your best picture of your car each month and members can vote on their favorites to be used as the ROTM.
  • General Discussion Channel: Just a channel for random conversations.
  • Modder's Group: A channel much like problem solver's channel, except for modifications instead of fixes. Topics could include suspension, spoilers, intakes, etc. Really just anything that is being done to the car that isn't a fix, but could need advice.
  • Non-G6 gallery and discussion: channel for users to post and discuss their other vehicles.
So, that's the idea anyway. I was wondering if there's any interest in something like this. I'll likely make it and get everything set up and ready regardless, but I would like to gauge interest in something like this.

Thanks everyone!

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