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Yeah I notice my car does that too. I have the 3900 V6 in my GTP. I saw another topic on this that talked a bit about it. I recall the user saying something about about spark plugs/wires. Hopefully that is all it is. I just ignore it...it hasn't caused much of a problem in my 4 months of ownership. My previous G6 (4 cyl sedan) never had this problem. I have yet to take my car in for service but it's due at the end of this month.

I assume the popping noise you're referring to is the steering. All G6's have this problem. Apparently there isn't a safety issue with it...I've had my steering shaft lubricated by the dealer and that solves the problem for ~6 months (with very little $). Not sure if you will actually need to have the shaft replaced.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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