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I have heard plenty of g6ers comment they don't like the hammerheads, and plenty others do like them . I just wanted to debunk a myth that all Hammerheads are dangerous or dangerously Ugly. The Hammerhead on the new GXP is a larger unit than the one which has been an option on the Pontiac website. I have yet to see an owners car with the new GXP's Dangerous looking spoiler (and even more dangerous looking front facia).
So it think we can live side by side with the docial hammerheads and since they are no faster, not even the more aggressive variety.

Send any donations to Save the Hammerheads Foundation at my Paypal account, which can be given out to any delicious fishes who ask.

3.6 GTP Hammerhead owner.
You are too funny!lol
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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