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My drivers door sags so bad that I almost break my window when I close it and it catches when I open it causing a loud grinding pop noise, the rubber seal where the window usually sets again the side of the car is just gone because of this.
I already adjusted the hinges which did nothing, got to looking and the top hinge PIN and bushing (not the hinge itself) is worn out bad.
I spent about 4 hrs searching on google, forums, called auto stores, even called the dealership and cannot find a dang pin and bushing kit!
I found some simular in size but either the pin is correct length but too thick or the bushings are too wide.
I really need to get this fixed before I actually shatter my window.
So if anyone knows what to get and where, please let me know. Thanks

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The hinge assembly is bolt on, so they just replace that instead of the pin. On older GM's it was welded to the door and body so replacing the pin was the only option.
Here's the listing from GMPartsDirect

Part# 15929357

Heres a new one from ebay for $43

And here's a pair of used ones for $24

Since the whole hinge assembly is a single part number, the chances of finding separate pins and bushings are very slim.
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