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Ive read a few other thread regarding the actuators and cant seem to find a solution. Heres my problem.

(08 V6 Sedan)

I had to run some errands this morning, so I put my son in the rear passenger side. No problems. Got to the store, put the car in park and turned it off. Went to get my son out of his carseat and the door is still locked..ok. Tried using the key fob to unlock and it didnt work. I can hear it try to unlock but nothing. Climbed in the back and unlocked the door. I locked the doors fine with the fob and went inside. Came out, unlocked the doors, and his unlocked fine. Got in the car decided to fiddle with it.

The door locks when i put it in gear but wont unlock like the rest when i put it in park and then the key fob wont unlock it. But when i physically unlock it, then the key fob can unlock the door...

***edit*** So i went out and fiddled with it some more, the child safety lock was on. i turned it off and the door lock is just fine. what could be causing this?

i dont know if all that makes sense, but im at a stand still. I cant find the actuator at any of the part disributors around here and would rather not have to pay $113 at the dealer for it if i dont have to...

Any suggestions???????
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