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Door Speakers Keep Blowing!!

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Hello Everyone,

I've had my G6 for over a year and really like it. However, when I bought it, the owner told me the front door speakers were blown. No biggie, replaced them with some 6.5 I had laying around. About 2 months later, they blew again. I figured ok they were old. Replaced them with brand new Boss speakers and they just blew again. Anyone had this experience before, am I missing something?

Also may have something to do with it as well, every time I change the tone settings, they change back to default every time you change the station. So annoying, is there a permanent setting change for this?

I have a 2007, G6 base model sedan with the 4 cylinder, no monsoon. I also do not listen to the radio all cranked up either.

Thank You!
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Your problem is you used BOSS speakers, i don't wanna sound like a rich prick but you gotta put in a little investment when it comes to speaker systems.
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