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I just cracked the Onstar antenna on my 08 GT while removing snow. Two things:

Does Anyone know where I can find a replacement?

How do I remove the antenna that is still on the roof? (the base of the module is still in place)



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GMPartsDirect You can find it like this, Enter your car info. on the left go through these menus

-Body Electrical
-Antenna & Radio
-Antenna/Antenna Module, (Depending on convertible or not)

It's only like $18.00 But hopefully it's the correct part. I would think so.

As for removing the antenna. I would assume you would need to remove part of the headliner, Or some of the panels at the front on the ceiling. Pretty much get under that antenna.

I would guess there are a few screws that you simply remove and it all comes out.

I haven't removed one of those before, and I think it may have a hard wire coming from it that plugs into the stereo, so you might have to delve into that. But again, I can't be sure.
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