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drivers front tire

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recently i've heard an almost scraping sound coming from over there...its hard to describe the sound exactly but it comes at about 30mph and its definitely something turning/rotating. a scrape or a brush is the only way i can describe it i guess, higher pitched but not screeching. sorry for such a shotty description but its not easy to describe ha thanks for any help :confused:
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anyway for me to check that myself?
A chirp is worn pads.
Can you get a look at the pads? Your OP didn't say if they were new or old. Jack up the car and try yo spin the tire freely if its hard to turn then you may have a caliber prob, if not my guess is on the pads being worn down.
anyway for me to check that myself?
take your brake pads off and see if they are wearing unevenly.
one other thing that happened to me thats similar to what you are having is i just had brake service done to the 6 at the dealer but a piece of metal from the rotor got between the pad and the rotor and got stuck so it was a scraping noise...may not be what it is but just a suggestion
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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