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i was trying to put in a K&N drop-in air filter on my 2008 G6 GT and i dropped the allen key while unscrewing the screws that hold the cover of the air filter chamber on...

the circled part of the picture is where it went. i tried retrieving it, but managed to loose sight of it as a result

this is on the passenger side of the car, below the serpentine belt

will anything will happen as a result of driving the car? i could care less about getting the key back, but i don't want to do any damage to the car


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Boy, thats a tuff call. Anyone here can say nothing will happen but the bottom line is something could happen. Lets say its lodged in a little nook and you hit a bump and it comes free and gets caught in the belt then takes a high speed ejection threw the hood are worse threw your head (have I freaked you out yet?)
I would try really hard to retrieve the tool.
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