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I did that about a year ago now it seems....

Make that Almost a year ago.....lol
Here is the post where I went to get mine dyno'ed....:

I even won a prize!!
Eww, mustang forum?! Plus we would have to make a userID to access the page.:(

so how much hp did u have n u have the stock 224 engine? just seein if i shud save my money
I know he has an 05 GT, which is 3.5L/200HP stock. Convertables have weird engine configurations because of the added weight of the folding metal roof. i.e. verts have a 3.9L like the GTP but they are 'demodded' (don't know what the technical name) to bring the HP from 240 to your 224.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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