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The old e-brake in my 6-speed GTP hasn't worked for years. I resisted getting into it because 1) the transmission must be locked in reverse before removing the ignition key and 2) the problem had been properly diagnosed as failed e-brake levers in both calipers, and replacing the calipers is both expensive and a pain in the butt. So, now that I've set a date on selling the aging stand-by, I set about repairing the e-brake system.

A couple of things I can pass on:
1) I am one of those with e-brake issues that were not caused by incorrectly compressing the caliper Pistons, while changing pads. I fully understood how to properly screw and compress the Pistons back into the cylinders
2) the usual symptom for collapsed caliper e-brake mechanisms includes a very short travel of the brake handle, with lots of resistance and no ebrake engagement. These symptoms are caused by the caliper e-brake lever/mechanism collapsing so that there is very little travel of the ebrake caliper levers. Therefore, the e-brake handle travels very little and yes, with the rear tires in the air and e-brake lever engaged, the tires spin freely.
3) inspection of the caliper e-brake levers at such a time as new pads are installed will clearly reveal if the caliper's e-brake lever/ mechanism has collapsed. The lever that the e-brake cable connects to will be nearly fully retracted, as if the cable were pulling the e-brake to engage. This should not be the case. There should be plenty of caliper lever travel, with new pads and no e-brake engagement.

Replacing the calipers themselves is covered in plenty of shop manuals, so that is beyond the scope of this entry. There is one thing that I should point out about this operation. The e-brake cables must be extended so that they can reach the connection point at the new caliper e-brake lever. Spring tension in the e-brake hand lever gear pulls the cables backwards. There is no adjust screw/nut for the e-brake cable. The cables are of fixed length. In order to extend the cables, I had to remove the center console. I took a screw driver as a lever and forced the e-brake hand lever gear to reverse wind and push the cable out towards the caliper cable connection point.

The e-brake worked properly after the caliper replacement and the e-brake handle had plenty of travel.
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