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Subtle_Cynicism said:
GM should be bitch slapped for not offering any help on this matter whatsoever. Shame, shame, shame on them.

No TSBs, no recalls, nothing. They have completely ignored the fact it exists.
haven't been on here for a VERY LONG TIME and i was curious as to how the 'steering lockup issue' was progressing. after having read all the posts since February, all i can say is; Thank God i got out of my '05 G6 GT Sedan. loved the car, but its not worth risking my life and the lives of my friends and others on the road over. too bad GM still insists they 'know of no such problem'. i very surprised that no one has died as a result of GM having their heads buried in the sand.

i applaude all of you G6 owners for having sooooo much patience. when it comes to a safety issue like this, i have NONE!

best of luck to all...... :)
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