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Started about 4 months ago... kept getting the 2135 code for "faulty tps's", so to play along I change the sensor on the side of the throttle body and the pedal, only for it to return within a few days.

Having spent countless hours googling this nonsense (I really didn't want to bother folks on a forum with it) I've seen where people simply clean the MAF and that fixes it, so I took that approach (as well as cleared the code) and i had gotten about a solid month of this thing running beautifully.

Up until last night where it started again after 5 hours on the interstate and nearly got me killed (way to go GM)... I get off and exit and sputter to an auto zone where I cleaned the maf again, and they were cool enough to let me borrow tools and clear the po2135... I then drove the remaining hour home without issue and am just literally sick and anxiety ridden with it this morning. What could I be missing?

Thank you guys for anything
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