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First off I have a 2006 G6 GTP 3.9. I have noticed a ticking in the engine over 3000rmp for a month or two..The other day im driving down the highway and and it felt like the clutch slipped and couple seconds later it did it again and now the ticking is at anything over 1000rpm. I pulled over and herd a continuing clunk/rattle at idle crawled under and thought it was coming from clutch area..Turned off car. Went to restart and whirled over twice very hard then solenoid clicked....waited few mins same problem... then 10 mins later batt was dead...Very odd how can a batt problem be related...towed car home put on charger and tried next day,car started for 2 sec then something caused motor to stall...Now at this point im thinking clutch..so today I hauled transmission out and clutch looked ok..I tried turning fly wheel without spark plugs in and it turns easy then gets REALLY tight then easy again.Tight for about 1/8 of a turn....So now what...Im hauling out motor and have everything disconnected except fuel line..thought it used those plastic fuel disconnects but not having any luck and ifo on hoe to disconnect would help>>its the fitting right by the top of manifold....

Im thinking issue may be piston,rod,bearing

Anyone have sillier experience or thoughts?
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