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Engine Swap Plan?

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Hey Everyone. The name is Claude and a Crazy project guy lol.. Before i start the vehicle im currently own and Planning on a Major swap..

Pontiac g6 2009
4 door sedan. non street Package
GM 3.6 LLT WITH 6 SPEED Trans with Tapshifter..

So far what i have done

only Intake :) that gives about 100 HP I believe(Just Kidding)

The Question

To my Understanding my G6 have a GM LLT 3.6 which is rated 256 HP... Now Since notice other Vehicles in the Family such as the GMC Arcadia 3.6 is rated 275 but its the same motor just Different Intake Manifold i believe. Isnt possible to Fix in a GM 3.6 lsx motor?

GM 3.6 Liter V6 LFX Engine Info, Power, Specs, Wiki | GM Authority According to them Its a upgrade and can get 323 HP...

I was thinking also about this motor the GM 3.6 LF3. I even found the engine at a Junk Yard comes with the Turbo and computer attach..

GM Lifts The Veil On New 420 Horsepower Twin-Turbo 3.6L V6 - LSX Magazine

So between these motors can someone Help me on Will these Motors fit ? i know i will have to do some custom mounts and maybe some Cutting :( Please give me the best advise on this! and if it cant work just explain to me so i can know :) But i know anything is possible as long you got Time and money....:) Thank you for all the help.

PS: i already have a twin turbo lq4 swap 1993 Camaro with a 700r4 Trans. BMR SHifter KIt which is sooo amazing :) But im looking for something i haven't seen anyone do in the GM family :)
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Love the enthusiasm... But I really don't see where this is possible... The engine, size wise would probably fit but the problem is going to come down to the transmission and more importantly the computers required to run it. The transmission you have will obviously not handle that kind of power. You need to get your hands on a 6T80 transmission to handle that power even then your pushing the limits of that transmission. Now the problem about the computers... TCM swap and ECU swap will be hard if not impossible. Especially with these new twin turbo engines take it from the Ford Ecoboost guys; Its not only extremely difficult but extremely expensive to swap these new high performance twin turbo engines into cars. An Ecoboost swapped Raptor F-150 costed over 30000 to swap. Those are just a couple problems that you will probably run into. Not to be a downer but I'm sure even if you somehow figured ways around these problems you will run into more and it will not be worth it. Not to let you down or anything it's just my .02 cents.
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So I got a Pontiac g6 2006 I just put a ls and made it rwd just don’t know what type of manual transmission to put in it
So I got a Pontiac g6 2006 I just put a ls and made it rwd just don’t know what type of manual transmission to put in it
If its RWD, then the obvious choice is a Tremec T-56.
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