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Okay, just had my power steering cut out in a tight turn, scary stuff. After taking it to the dealer and having the steering column replaced at no charge I then took it out and it made a huge Clunking noise and the power steering was gone again. After talking with the dealership again I was told that "IF" there is a problem they would fix it. I was then notified that it needed a new EPS motor/module at a cost of just under $700. GREAT. I was also told that there is no recall for my 2006 G6, that it hasn't been an issue for them except for the 2008's and up. They will do nothing to reimburse me.
I have been searching online and apparently there are many others who have had the same issue as me.
I am in Canada and I have called Transport Canada's Road Safety Division and spoke to a man there that said there have been significant numbers of this happening and they are trying to get GM to acknowledge the problem and hopefully issue a recall as they should.
The problem is they need more people with the same issue to make a complaint with them to get it going more.
If you have this issue and are in Canada please call the @ 1-800-333-0510.
Maybe we can do something together.
Any other ideas are welcome as well, class action lawsuit perhaps?
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