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I have a 2006 G6 GTP 3.9L engine, manual, about a week ago my engine started making a knocking noise, only occurring when I give gas around 2000-3000 RPMs. The noise speeds up as the RPM's increase but is not noticeable at idle.
Yesterday when on the highway, the knocking noise beacame much louder, and my car stalled when going through an ez pass, when the car was at idle (clutch in). I was able to get it started and continued to try to make it home. A minute later, when going up a hill I noticed how my car had no power, and then it let out a sound, similar to the sound of a bad water pump pulley.
After hearing the sound I pushed on the clutch and my car stalled. After a tow home, my car hesitated to start and ran rough with the awful loud noise, so I turned it off to try to save the rest of its life.
Reading the codes I was given the p0011 code, appearing that the Camshaft Actuator Solenoid had to be replaced.
My first question is:

1)whether or not the Solenoid has to be replaced?
2) Where is the solenoid located? From reading online it appears to be behind a black magnet plate on the left side of the engine bay. When trying to access the screws, I was restricted by the walls of the engine bay (about 1/2 inch of space) How do I access this panel and what lies behind it?
3) What is the bad-water-pump-bearing sound coming from and is this other damage that was done?

Thanks for any and all help!
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