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(Quickly before I start, when I say PCM, I'm referring to the computer in front of the battery, I'm not sure if it's called an ECU, ECM, or PCM. btw, please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask this question, the only reason I'm asking here, is because it has to do with lighting. This is also writing over the course of an hour, and I mention things throughout this as I do some quick google searches while writing this).

I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 base.

I started looking into a possible solution to a problem that doesn't exist on my car (I have a bad habit of fixing things that aren't broken). I would love to have amber turn signals all around (Including on the side), however my current setup is, amber turn signals up front, no side turn signals, and the brake lights act as turn signals in the rear (Just thought I'd write this out incase you couldn't already tell by the banner on this website). However! The Saturn Aura does have meet those European requirements, (mainly bc it's a rebranded Opel). The Aura has amber turn signals up front, amber turn signals on the side, and red turn signals in the rear (the key idea, is that the brake light bulbs are separate from the turn signal bulbs). My question is that I'm trying to figure out of the BCM or PCM controls those lights. And if it is the PCM, then I have no idea where I'm gonna find the wiring diagrams for it. I'm also not sure if I could reprogram my current PCM so that the turn signals/brake lights, are separate from each other, OR if I could somehow get a Saturn Aura PCM to function like the one in my car, except for the turn signals.

I just remembered, my car doesn't have ABS, traction control, stock cruise control, or stock keyless entry. So if I ended up swapping the computer, I would need to do one of 2 things: Add traction control, ABS, stock cruise control (which would be nice, bc I currently have an aftermarket one, and I'd like to find a use for my steering wheel cruise buttons instead of sitting there), and stock keyless entry (I don't plan on adding this because of the complexity of adding antennas, and buying new stuff, I have an aftermarket one that works good enough). I don't plan on adding traction control, bc that would require buying a traction control button for my car, and figuring out a place to put it since I only have 1 cigarette lighter (I added a usb charger where one of the old lighters was located).
I'm starting to think it's the the PCM that's near the battery. I just checked, and the Opel equivalent will not work (side note, I realized the accelerator petal will work between my car and the Opel Vectra C, thought that was kinda cool).

I honestly would be over the moon if there was some way I could reprogram my current PCM, and see if I could actually do it without spending a penny on parts (except for wiring and bulbs).

Thanks for reading! I hope someone can help me with this, there's no reason for me to do this project apart from the fact that I'd rather have amber turn signals that the brake lights acting as the rear turn signals. This little future project of mine is simply for fun. I am not asking for immediate help because of "help, my car isn't road compliant!" scenario. This is for fun, and I don't see a reason why I shouldn't do this (worse case scenario, I can't register my car, and I need to go back to the stock setup).
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