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ok so here goes, i started off searching all over and doing a few quick searches on this.. found nothing, other than a few posts on it but none of them seemed to give a real direct answer. This is not my car, its my girlfriends, and i consider myself pretty mechanically competent, i have built from the bottom up 2 L67 motors out of the GTP and done numerous other builts and motor swaps so i should be able to handle what i need to do.

Car is an 06 G6 GT with the 3.5 V6, 75k on it

Basically she is setting an SES or MIL as ive seen it called for the EVAP, not positive on the code, but i will rescan when i get home and post it if that makes it easier. the rubber o-ring on her gas cap was a tad shoddy so replaced that and reset the code, tripped again. most of the posts i have seen have been saying that there is something about the evap vent solenoid being defective, or the canister being clogged, but i am trying to figure out if there is a way to test and see which one specifically before i go purchasing parts. also read that the car doesnt do this diagnostic everytime it starts but only every few cycles, truth to this? and if so after replacing parts could i just start the car, let it run for a few minutes, shut it off for a few minutes a couple of times to see if i retrip the code?

Also, based on the placement of these parts i am assuming the tank will need to be dropped for this replacement? And can i get these replacement parts pretty much anywhere or am i going to have to go to a dealer to get them (dont like paying dealer cost :cool:

thanks for any help in advance, looking forward to being part of more than just the prix forums :D
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