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Hey whats up guys.. i have an 06 G6 GTP sedan and I wanted to start getting into modifying it and i wanted to start with the exhaust.. I could use some suggestions on what to get because I've been searching everywhere but im not even totally sure what I'm looking for.. I dont know if I should get a new muffler and different exuast tips, or a whole exhaust system.. The best I found for now I think is the G6- GTR exhaust system.. Let me know what you guys think and what I should do. Thanks
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I have that exhaust. Got it after I redid mine and I wasnt happy with it.
So Im on my 3rd exhaust. Save yourself the money and just get it.

It is awesome. The interior muffler's baffles are tuned to the car. Sounds sweet.
noooooo my Houston friend. You buy the GTP back valance. It has dual cutouts.
Part number is 22712778.
gmpartsdirect says:
GM PART # 22712778
CATEGORY: License Plate Bracket/Plate
GM LIST: $105.19
OUR PRICE: $64.55
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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