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Factory Spoiler/Fin for 2005 G6

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I'm looking for a factory 2005 Pontiac g6 spoiler/fin. My car is burgundy, I think they call it sport red metallic... if you have one in this color that would be great! If anyone has a place where I can get one, or you have one yourself that would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know a price.

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Cheaper than that?! $167 with free shipping and OEM painted? What are you looking for?


This is aftermarket, so ask them if it fits the trunk holes if you plan on using the factory ones. Color code is WA817K
Assuming that there are no holes in your trunk, yes you will have to drill holes into your trunk to fit the spoiler.

Since you get to do that though, go look at all the different styles of spoilers.

Relative guide: http://www.ehow.com/how_4854321_install-rear-spoiler-car.html

It will be something like this, more or less.
G6 looks lame and incomplete without the spoiler. I cry everytime I see one without the spoiler.
I kinda put the whole spoiler thing in the back burner a while back but since you guys brought it up.... I also have a 2005 G6 silver color. If i get one now (I've had my car since like 06) I think it won't match up in color (this is the same reason I have not gotten the ground effect kit). What was you guys experience, did you get it right after purchase or after a few summers?
It truly depends on how well you maintain your car's paint. I have a 2006 G6 and live in the South so we get a fair amount of sunshine. I removed my decals in 2010 and there is no paint fade. If you wax and polish your car, along with washing, fairly often, then the paint fade will barely be noticeable.

A family member of mine has a 2007 Pontiac vehicle of the same color and they look like totally different colors because she doesn't take car of the paint. Ultimately it's a risk you have to take. You could possibly test your fading by removing your decals and cleaning the area.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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