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Factory Spoiler/Fin for 2005 G6

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I'm looking for a factory 2005 Pontiac g6 spoiler/fin. My car is burgundy, I think they call it sport red metallic... if you have one in this color that would be great! If anyone has a place where I can get one, or you have one yourself that would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know a price.

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I actually already checked eBay, that's sorta why I posted something here so I could see if anyone had a cheaper route. Thanks anyways.
Well maybe I'm getting in way over my head. I don't have a GT model. I have the base 2005 G6 Sedan with no spoiler. I was thinking I would add a spoiler to it to make it look better, but does this involve drilling holes, etc? Or is it an easy installation?
Lampoon, how much do you want for the spoiler? I have a guy who will paint it pretty cheaply. I'm looking to order one this week, but this might be a better deal.

On a serious note, what do you want for it?
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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