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Few questions on brakes...

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Hey guys! I'm gettin' the shake and rattle from I think the front rotors and pads. I have a 2006 G6 GT "Premium sedan." I'm thinking about getting ATE Rotors for the front and Akebono (sp?) pads. If I find out that it really is the rears that need to be done as well can I put a different make/model of rotors and pads? Figured you would wanna upgrade the front a little more than the back as it's a front wheel drive car. Also, I did some searching and a lot of people say to grease the back of the pads when you put 'em in? Just grease the shim before you drop 'em in? I'm confused on this part. I've never done this before so I'm a little nervous but it looks super easy so I'm confident.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
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There is a special Anti Squeal stuff you can get at any auto parts store.
You basically apply that to the back of the pad where it rests into the caliper.

The stuff I got was PINK! but once on you couldnt see it.

DO NOT put it on the front of the pad where it comes into contact with the rotor.
You dont want anything on there.
my convertable needs new front roters so i was thinking EBC drilled and sloted and halk pads all around any one a cheeper way to get the same performance???
If I had it all over to do again I would not get the drilled or dimpled option.
Just the slotted.
I do know you can mix and match front and rear components without issue and as you said put the best stuff up front.

I have a question though. Has anybody put ceramic pads on a G6? I've always used them on my SUVs and trucks but I don't know if they're recommended for the G6. I love that they're pretty much dust free but I don't know how they are for a performance vehicle.
I have Akebono ceramic pads on the front and bendix ceramic on the back.
I also have aftermarket rotors.
I have a set of ceramics, Duralast Gold CMax from Auto zone. You can keep them... They suck! I get so much brake dust you would think my front rims are painted flat black. it's crazy. once these are gone I'll look into something better. They seem to stop fine, but messy. Funny though I have the same on the back and i never noticed brake dust on the rear.
Lampoon, I went with the drilled and slotted! Why would you choose differently next time? I also got the posi-quiets for the front....read a lot of good reviews on them...I was thinkin' just going with a mid-basic set up for the rear. Spend like a hundred bucks and call it a day...a bad idea? How much do our cars really use the rears?
rear brakes account for about 30% of your stoping power
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