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Just got a 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP with the 6 speed manual tranny. Black on Black (leather interior). Super awesome so far I'm in love!

I just have a few small questions:

My car has the Monsoon sound system (without Onstar or a 6 disc changer) and it seems to be iffy with burned media. I have sucessfully gotten it to play a burned audio cd after playing with a lot of burning settings (turns out Nero works well for that). Even then though that same disc, when inserted into the g6 cd player, will either work flawlessly or display a disc read error. If there is a disc read error I have to take it out and put it back in and it works. As a result it is hard to tell what actually works in the cd player or not.

1) The working audio cd is just that, an AUDIO cd that fits like 20ish songs. I was wondering if the G6 is supposed to be compatible with mp3 cds (170ish songs).

2) I'm in the market for a repair manual also - Chiltons vs. Haynes, which one is better? (I know this is based on opinion so please support your answer).

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