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Finally changed the front bumper/fascia...

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It's been a while since I've posted here. I've gotten old and things don't happen as quickly as they used to. But, I'm still here.

I've wanted to change the front bumper on my '07 convertible since I first saw the revised one used on the 2009.5 and 2010 G6's. I knew the parts would bolt on and I didn't care if it wasn't original. I just liked the look of the later model. For a couple of years, I looked at the local pull-n-save yards for suitable parts, but very few '09's with the revised bumper or '10's ever showed up. Most of the cars were front-end wrecks anyway and the yards I frequent crush their G6's quickly and move on. Eventually, I started buying new parts which were surprizingly easy to find from eBay vendors. The bumper covers still seem to be readily available. The various grill bits are drying up, but I managed to find them. The two parts I didn't realize I couldn't re-use from the original bumper were the fog lights and the internal "energy absorber" As it turned out, the fog lights are a common Tahoe/Suburban item and are everywhere. The "energy absorber" was the main "gotcha" as only the GM original part was available and it was the most expensive part. I didn't want to fiddle with the earlier part or leave it out entirely. If you find a used, late bumper cover somewhere, grab the "energy absorber" behind it as these will no doubt be gone soon. I chose to have a local paint guy spray the new one for me which worked out well. I probably spent $400 on the parts (until I realized I needed the "energy absorber").

Surprizingly, the conversion was quite easy. I used the old fasteners from the original bumper and the various panels from underneath the car fit fine as did the original headlights. i've attached a couple of pics so you can see the difference between the old and the new. Once I was done, I couldn't bring myself to drill holes in the new bumper for the license plate holder. My state (Idaho) requires a front plate, but I'm going to go without for a while and see how much trouble I get into.

Thanks to all here who have put up with these cars (and me) all these years. Mine might have to have a new owner next year. Good luck to all. - Mark

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