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first pontiac...

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i just got a 2006 G6 GT 3.5L V6 and im interested in getting a CAI for it..i was looking into the K&N Typhoon possibly..how easy or hard are they to install? im just a 17 year old guy who doesnt have too much experience working under the hood but i would like to try and do it myself if possible.

so basically, how complicated is it to install?

also, the car is topping out at about 110 mph. is this because of the governor chip or some kind of regulator? is there a chip or something you can install that would raise the limit?
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Well depends on what type of intake you get but just a CAB like the K&N is beyond easy. the hardest part is getting the coupler onto the intake lol.
so you dont think i would be able to by myself:eek:
nope not in your lifetime heh, I am just joking it is supper easy, If you get a CAI you have to take out the resonator but if you want the K&N its just a CAB so all you have to do is remove the stock airbox and piping.
so you dont think i would be able to by myself:eek:

Let us know how it goes! I'm thinking of doing it too.
Same here, I just don't want to spend the green!
what do you mean by CAB?
i think hes sayin cold air box... i kinda made a custom one for my g6 with a k&n drop in filter i took tha bottom of my air box off and zip tied tha filter to tha top of my airbox works just like a cold air intake sounds awsome 2 i attatched some pics u cant realy see but it was easy as hell


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so you basically just replaced the old air filter with a cold air filter? theyre the same size and everything?

i was looking at my air box yesterday and there isnt any bottom to take out, its just the top piece and then the the whole cupped bottom..and when you take off the top theres a metal grate with a yellow foam or fabric or something underneath that

wait i think i get what you mean so the lid that you see in the picture is all that there is and the filter is underneath that. how is it connected to the lid though?

also, is doctor speed no longer taking orders? whats going on with that
well i kinda rigged somethin up lol i poked 2 small holes in my filter just big enough for a zip tie drilled a hole in the top of my airbox and ran zip ties through it then siliconed it around the edges and the holes so im not suckin in a buncha dirt,

it was a drop in k&n filter replaces your stock one in your air box same size
what are the dimensions on the filter? i was just at autozone talking to the guy about it and he said he could order it i just need the specs on it

was it a cone filter?
no it was flat... ill go measure it 2morrow... u could go measure yours it will be tha same size, and they cant look it up at autozone? thats odd thats also why i shop at advanced, and because i used to work there so i still get discounts!!! lol
naw the guy there said i had to find the specs of it. i thought you had a cone filter..if you had a flat box one why wouldnt you be able to just put it where the old one was and not need to take out the bottom of the box? what i had in mind was just attatching a cone filter to the top of the box and let it hang there..all i really need to know is how big the base opening is so i can get the right one
honestly the easiest thing to do is remove the actual box and buy a cone (you would have to test fit it) that you hoseclamp directly to the MAF... or you can get a little pipe to silicon/hoseclamp to the MAF then to a cone that's a little farther over
i didnt know that the MAS was right on the tube from the lid to the engine.. where exactly is it?
do you not kno how 2 get into your air box?... the replacement one will be the same size as the old one... if u want to do the easy cold air intake thing u would have 2 cut your airbox to put the cone air filter on.... because the mas is right screwed on to the top of the airbox with some wierd screws i have never seen before...
no ive gotten into it before...im not sure what to do with it really anymore because i was just at autozone again and was talking to guy about putting together my own intake or just a short ram and he said i was missing a piece i needed to do it? he just suggested i buy the whole kit to get the full effect of it
alright basically this is what i want to know. since the only way the CAI will work for me is if i drop 250+, i guess ill do a custom CAB on it. when everyone is saying a drop-in filter do you just mean a replacement to the design that was already there(square stock filter=square k&N) or putting a cone filter like one that would go at the end of a CAI.

after i get it, would i just remove the box entirely and replace the filter? or mod it somehow ahh so many different things people do..
That's why it's called customization!
but im not entirely sure what im doing =]
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