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FlyEyes Tint

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I got my DIY tint film in the mail today all the way from Europe! :cool:

It's a company called FlyEyes Tint. A member from Forever Pontiac posted a link to a YouTube Video:

Now I thought it was a genius idea so I tried it out and it was WELL worth the $22 I paid!

Here are the pics:

I even have enough left over to do the 3rd tail light 2 more times! These guys rock!

I def recommend it!
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hey guys. car looks great. i went to the web site and saw how well it works. just wondering if anyone tryed it on the coupe lights? i wanna give it a shot but afriad cause of the way the lens bends. any feedback would be great. thanks.
yeah that was my thinking too. i'ma order it today. will post pics when done. thanks
this stuff rocks. my dude just did it to his tail lights. looks awesome. i should get mine anyday. thanks for all the help
1 - 3 of 82 Posts
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