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My name is Ray, I work at Cabelas, I own a 91 GMC Jimmy 4x4, Signing on an 08 G6 Sedan tomorrow morning with the wife.

First new car ever( im 27) I am an avid drag racer when I have a car worthy( had a 78 mino built, 66 Chevy II and a 68 Impala SC 327) Ive never owned anything But GM's and This is my first 4 door and first car without a bowtie outside of my GMC Jimmy.

I have extensive knowledge of V8s that were carbed nothing newer.

Is there anything I should know I am on a very tight budget( go the jimmy in mid june, supposed to be all new parts I blew the tranny yesterday after putting 4500 into the truck to make it safe for the kids to ride in.)

I am looking at the sedan non GT as per the money situation right now( newlywed with 2 toddlers and a HM wife)

Ill help out any way I can and if there are any sportsmen here feel free to PM me I can help out there as well.

I am an avid hunter, angler and mudder.

I look forward to the community here , like minded individuals seem to get along better then general individuals do.

Other then that, I got nothing, pics will come later, More of a timeline so you guys can see what im all about.
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Welcome aboard!!!
welcome welcome! you seem to know what i dont about cars and i know what you dont...
new car

I have G6 base sedan with 17 inch wheels I add a k&n air filter to mine good get up an go.Mine is a 2.4 ecotec in line 4 Not alot of parts for 07 and 08 yet since in 10 or 11 a new one will be out. But i could be mistakin on this most 2.2 ecotec parts can be retro fitted. I use to be big in the import secene but now i have gone american. Hope this helps some
I passed on the G6, got the last GP on the lot( showroom floor model zero miles) for 17K out the door. the G6 I wanted was there, I saw the G8 and about spoodged my knickers, then test drove the turbo solstice( fun nible car just not practical) then I got the number ran for the GP and drove away with it in less then an hour of running the numbers.

I just couldnt pass up the deal, fully loaded minus the remote start( electrical nightmare when it does fry out) and no hole in the roof.

Ill still stick around and enjoy the place but I know nothing about these pontiacs.
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