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FOB issues

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hey guys! 1st post for me lol

I just bought my wife a 2005 G6, low miles on it, clean carfax report. We've had it now going on 5 months, but recently our FOBs have stopped unlocking. they still lock and remote start fine, but will not unlock the darn care to save my life(nether one we have 2). my wife is stuck having to deal with unlocking with the key which sets of the pre-alarm(i've seen this is normal and has no work around).

does anyone have any idea why our remotes would lock without a hitch, but will not unlock the car? this is not just an issue with the one remote, but both.. remotes. thanks guys!
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I had the same issue as you before new remotes with a program can run $70 plus.

but if you open up one of the remotes there is a metallic pad under each button that "completes a circuit" when pressed and most likely its worn out.

To test this take a rubber button that works and put it over the circuit board on the area that's not working and try Hope that makes sense. It should make it work.

So you could go on ebay and get the exact same remote and just put the new buttons in with fresh contact pads and save some money. (If your broke like me) If not
go to the.......stealership
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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