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Hey Guys & Girls,

I need some assistance on these two issues...I own a 2008 Pontiac G6 and for some dumba$$ reason they didn't install fog lights on this model, so I've been suffering since 2008 with limited lighting at night. I really want some fog lights put in and I was wondering if anyone else has took this step to improving their G6. If anyone knows the cost, products, and possibly DIY for installing fog lights i'm all ears. It's weird because as you can see in the pictures it's like Pontiac made the outlines for fog lights for you to easily install them.

Secondly, I also have been dealing with just a key to open my door and lock it. I have been so used to using a keyless remote from my past cars that it's really started to bother me. I've been hunting around on ebay for GM keyless remotes and then I was going to take it to a Pontiac dealer to program it. Here's a more technical question that you might not know, but I thought id ask...Once I get the keyless remote installed on my 2008 Pontiac G6 will I finally be able to use my alarm system since it's on the keyless remote. As of now I'm not even sure if I have an alarm system installed because I've never set it off.

*Another thing I just thought of is how the Pontiac G6 HOOD has a very noticable space between it and the bumper..REALLY BOTHERS ME & I think it looks like S.H.I.T.....Is there anyway to make it flush with the bumper without buying a brand new hood?

Thanks in advance for any help on these issues!


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