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I have an 08 GT convertible, and I would like to try swapping the front bumber from the stock to that of a GXP. I think the GXP front end looks so much cooler and more eye catching. Has anyone ever done this. Would love to hear some feed back on how easy and or how hard it was. Or if it even fits in the first place. I have tried googling specs but have had little luck. Would hate to order the bumper and not have it fit:mad:

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Waterflowler is right, All those little pieces add up. P Magic did this to his G6 and in a thread posted a diagram and a parts list. It's on page 2, here's the link:

From Post #26:
Okay here you go. Keep in mind that this is all full retail pricing. If you can find a complete assembly on Ebay or Craigslist or something of that nature you would likely be far better off.

Front fascia #25876635 $799.00
Front emblem #22689321 $49.47
Front lower filler (extension) #25831820 $220.49
Air inlet duct (lower supt) #25831821 $136.20
Left upper grille #25831826 $173.18
Right upper grille #25831827 $157.22
Lower grille #25876654 $191.08
Left upper grille molding (chrome surround) #25831817 $98.33
Right upper grille molding (chrome surround) #25831818 $98.33
Upper grille retainers (says you need 20) #25876655 $6.86ea
Lower grille retainers (says you need 6) #25876634 $11.31ea
Left fog lamp #92119489 $295.32
Right fog lamp #92119490 $299.62
Fog lamp jumper harness (need 2) #25831819 $106.14ea
Rear fascia #25876636 $502.95
Rear fascia exhaust insert #25876638 $73.85
Insert retainer (need 3) #25831752 $18.33ea

I think that's everything. It adds up to be a very expensive upgrade. I don't know why but anything that relates to GXP is outrageously expensive.
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