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Front crankshaft seal

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I have a 06 g6 base with the 3.5L, and want to replace the front crankshaft seal. I try and do most all of my own work to save on cost as much as possible. I don't always have the correct tools on hand, so before I start this job am wondering if anyone who has done it before can tell me what the crankshaft bolt size is and what type of puller I need for the harmonic balancer? It would be great to go to the parts store with that info before hand so as to not waste money on sockets...etc and things I don't need. Thank you in advance (y)
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I can't recall the crank bolt size and can't check my repair manual as I'm in the hospital recovering from emergency gall bladder surgery. That said the parts store will lend you the necessary tools for the job. Hopefully you have jack stands and at least 1 floor jack and basic metric sockets. This repair is kind of common for the 3.5 and hopefully you video or photograph the process as there are no how to's on how this actually looks when repairing. You would be the first to do so . Good luck with it, eager to see and hear back on this.
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