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Well I will first try and explain what is going on, what I have done so far. After purchasing this 2005 G6(in 2007 with 55k) I found shortly afterwards that when turning the steering wheel there was the "popping" noise. Come to find out it was the steering shaft between the steering wheel and rack. Once replaced no more popping when turning the wheel. The other problem that was identified is when the rotors became warpped(just a little bit), you get this noise like something is loose in the steering column. I believe that the steering linkage has free play because of the rack and pinion. So when the brakes are applied, it sounds like the shaft is bouncing left to right causing this noise, but if I turn the steering wheel(like in a corner) the noise goes away. So if you put the linkage under a load it doesn't have the free play to make the noise.

Now I have purchased EBC(personally these are great rotors and performed/lasted really good on my 2002 T/A Firehawk) front: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/EBC-GD7265/ - rear: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/EBC-GD7266/ and Hawk brake pads. I know this will resolve the warp issue and help prevent it from happening in a short time frame again.

Now to the last problem. How do we resolve the play in the steering linkage? Do I have to replace the rack? Has anyone else had this specific issue and if so what was done to resolve the issue.


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