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Front grill pieces

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I want to replace my two front grill pieces. Does anyone know how to get them out. I was looking around to figure out how to remove them but I dont want to break anything. Any help?
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ok its not really hard.. if you take a flathead screwdriver and wrap it with tape so it doesnt scratch the car.. start at the right side of the grill and insert the screwdriver between the grill and the car and move the screwdriver towards the grill not towards the car because you might scratch the car..there are a few clips that are holding the grill in. all you have to do is pop the clips and out and the grill comes right out. it might sound like you are going to break the grill but you wont, i had a fit cuz i thought i broke mine but it was perfectly fine.. i painted my grills all black.. i hope that works for you..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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