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Front grill pieces

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I want to replace my two front grill pieces. Does anyone know how to get them out. I was looking around to figure out how to remove them but I dont want to break anything. Any help?
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Nice write up on that here
Cheapest place is gmpartsdirect.com but they are jerks.
You wont be able to contact anyone if there is any problem.

Just keep that in mind if you use them.

Also verify these part numbers with your local Pontiac parts dept before you use them just to be sure.

Grille Lower Recessed:
Black 19156183
Blue/gold 19156184
Bright Chrome 19156185
Primed 19156186
red 19156182

Grille upper recessed
Black 19158208
Blue/gold 19158209
bright chrome 17802610
primed 19158210
red 19158207
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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