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Up for sale is a much beloved Pontiac G6 sedan. I am the second owner, the prior owner being a Mary Kay salesperson.

The highlight that really makes this Pontiac G6 stand out is that it's still under a GM bumper to bumper warranty. I purchased a GM Protection Plan Major Guard policy that covers it until July 2016, and past 106,000 miles. That means it still has over 5,000 miles left on the warranty and over 12 months of coverage.

The warranty is fully transferrable, and I will provide you with all the details and transfer it into your name. I will of course smog the vehicle and present a smog certificate at the time of sale as well.

This car only has four semi-significant nicks:

* On the passenger dash, there are a few small scratches
* On the front bumper there is some curb skid. It really is only visible when sitting at the bottom of the bumper.
* There is a small bumper crack around the license plate area
* The rear passenger seat has a faint water pattern from a partial minute in the rain. No odors or mold present.

This car is the 2009.5 model, which is a mid-year refresh that includes a majorly-upgraded interior and brand new facia. Aside from some small badge-changes, it's identical to the 2010/final-spec G6.

This car comes with a 219 horsepower 3.5L FlexFuel V6 and a four-speed automatic transmission. That's one of GM's most reliable engines (if not the most), mated to one of their most fuel efficient transmissions of its time. Easily gets 30 mpg on the highway (EPA estimated), and isn't affected by the Ethanol being added to gas these days. Plus it often (from my use) got well over 30 mpg, I personally averaged 33 mpg nursing it on the highway.

While this car has slightly over 100,000 miles on it, the vast majority came from highway miles commuting between Chico and Santa Clara. Full service history is available as this car was serviced exclusively at GM dealerships (aside from tire swaps) since I purchased it at 32,000 miles.

This car is bone stock. Any upgrades have been made with genuine GM parts, including a couple that most dealers say aren't possible.

* GM Factory Bluetooth has been added, alongside the standard OnStar system - Your phone uses the built-in controls in the car, and the car's existing microphone
* The GM radio has been upgraded with a GM USB port radio for iPhone/iPod/iPad USB integration - even apps relay information and controls to the steering wheel and radio display
* Factory G6 door sills (brand new) are also included to give it a fresh-from-the-factory look getting in
* Goodyear Eagle GT tires (my personal favorites) with strong tread are included
* Trial XM Satellite Radio service enabled

I'm only selling this car because I inherited an old Maxima that isn't worth much, but drives great. Between that and my roadster, I don't need this car and would rather have the funds. You won't find a G6 with this engine, in this condition, with a bumper-to-bumper warranty included at any dealership.

Asking $8,999 OBO. Dealer blue book on this car tops out at over $9,700... and that doesn't include a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

This car is priced a little bit above private-party blue book good-condition value, and that's because you're getting a warranty that you won't find on most other private-party cars.

You're getting a better deal than retail, with a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty included.

P.S. The Pontiac logos have blue decal covers over them - they keep the red logos scuff-free. Happy to remove them for you... they peel right off.

Item available for delivery in Northern California. I'll go as south as Fresno for free.

Legalese: This car is being sold as-is, where-is, aside from the transferrable warranty. Yes, I have to say that, yes, you probably should already know that.
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