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So to start things off I'm having issues with my mpg I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but my DIC mpg monitor is rising at a really fast rate when I'm stopped or idling but when I'm driving my mpg drops at the same speed it went up. Example: i started my car at 32L/100km on mpg monitor and after 2 mins of driving it returned to 24L/100km. Before this issue arose my car normally runs at 9-11L/100km i have a feeling it is a cracked fuel injector or faulty coils or plugs, faint smell of gas on startup and shutdown tells me its running rich, I had bought the car used and there was not much information in service history as to what has been changed and what has not
i have been planning on taking it to a shop to do plugs and coils but would like a second opinion on the matter
car currently only has 126,000km which translates to roughly 78,292miles
CEL is on from a broken catalytic converter in bank 1 but the obd2 tool I have refuses to connect to see if any other codes appeared
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