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I have been to 2 different gas stations. The first one I caught the overflow quickly (within half a gallon), with the second one I caught it after paying for approximately 4 gallons of gas that I didn't need (Thank God the prices are so low right now that I only paid a few dollars extra for). The first gas station I overflowed at I contacted Weights & Measures and they performed a test. Weights and Measures re-approved the pump and told me it could be my car. So I was fine with the next fill ups until today. That happened a month and a half ago. Today, I went to the same station I had been going to for the past month and a half, and today it overfilled by approximately 4 gallons which of course spewed out. I was inside, so I didn't catch it until I walked out. Anyway, wondering if any has had this issue?

I'm at about 179,500 miles on a 2008 Pontiac G6 Base Sedan Value Leader 2.4

My friend says it could be the computer not communicating (he's been working on cars for 10 years), my dad (who is 70), says it's the pumps I go to because "gas stations don't take care of their equipment"....

Sell it off or keep it & repair only had a year and put a significant amount of milage on it.
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