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Future Supercharger/Turbo

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I've been looking and it looks like the only turbo option is a universal kit, or maybe the rsm supercharger. Are there any other options or any that are supposed to be coming out sometime soon? For tuning I have HP Tuners which I've had experience using with another car, I just need to find a good kit. Thanks for any info.
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really? you think one of those will actually work? if you read the picture, there's the loophole right there. "adds UP TO 35 hp"...which means it doesn't add up to 35 hp. it might add .05 hp and they can still legally sell it without it being false advertisement.

no 12v electric fan is going to be able to push enough air to make any significant boost.(lol i typed boobs, first :beer: )...actually, i take that back. buy it and install it...then take it to the dyno. i want to see the actual numbers it makes...
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