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Future Supercharger/Turbo

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I've been looking and it looks like the only turbo option is a universal kit, or maybe the rsm supercharger. Are there any other options or any that are supposed to be coming out sometime soon? For tuning I have HP Tuners which I've had experience using with another car, I just need to find a good kit. Thanks for any info.
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even if it pounded tons of air into the intake... then what, are you gonna hire a midget to squirt more gas in as well or would you just let it burn down.

Im new here... and i'm rather new to the G6, and i don't wanna be "that guy" on the forums that needs to be told what 0-373 people have already been told, but why have these cars failed so badly with boost?

valid reasons...
1. FWD? No... not a good reason
2. money? No... i've seen plenty of shit box cars with extensive work done... someone has enough money. my old car was an alero and they have a worse aftermarket gauranteed. there was more than a few with very successful boosted applications. FWD on budgets.
3. Aftermarket support? No. read previous sentence.
4. Weak drivetrain? there should be some adaptable "higher performance" parts available from GTP's no?

I fail at comprehending why it hasn't been done. I do comprehend that it's not practical. but neither is the majority of everything else done to vehicles now days. you guys should try talking people into doing it... rather than out.
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